Saturday, July 2, 2016

she is what PARENTS FEAR

So, this is a continuation from the last post. I have seen Spooker in action and it is horrific. All she does is sit in a chair and let the kids do WHATEVER they want. I have NEVER heard a class be that crazy. She has not been there a week (she played sick Monday and Thursday) and she has already had parent complaints. This was because she didn't even bother to smile and say hi in the mornings to anyone she just sat on her ass and did NOTHING. Now lets go through the week and what happened.

She didn't greet any parents, and when Popper walked in a baby was laying on the floor with all the big kids going crazy and running around him. A BABY was on the floor and he could have been kicked, tripped over, stepped on, this little one could have been really hurt and she didn't care. While all of this was going down, a small child (not even 2 yet) had his leg pinned and couldn't get out. He was screaming and crying. She didn't notice.
What is going to happen from here on out is I let her into the building (I have the keys) and I stick around till the next person shows up then I go home and sleep wake up and come in for my normal shift.

What I was told about her stands true. SHE HATES DIAPERS.  I hate them too but I still do them. Her first day she PUSHED a child into my class room and told me to change him. Now Director isn't going for this, he has started making her do her own but that isn't going well. She had 2 kids that need to be changed every so often, one of them got changed ONCE and in that one change she used half the box of wipes on ONE wipe. the child later peed through that diaper because she never changed him again. The other child NEVER GOT CHANGED AT ALL. NOT ONCE. so he peed through his as well. Spooker you work in a day care, you cant push your diapers off on everyone else.

Spooker is always on her phone calling someone or just staying away from the kids. This was talked to her about and nothing has changed. A child got knocked to the floor because she was on her phone and didn't pay any attention.

There is an Autistic child in her care. (2 actually) this child she has already stated that she HATES (she has said it about both) We will call this kid Dino. So Dino loves dinosaurs!!! He rips up paper to make the shape of them and he plays with play-doe to make them and play with them. Dino is a sweet kid and he is always pretty good, as long as you don't touch his paper or play-doe or any toys that he has chosen that day. Dino never eats at the table and if he gets hungry he will ask you for food. Spooker has called this kid the DEVIL (His mom was not a happy person.) Spooker wanted him to eat with the kids (never going to happen) so she took away his play-doe.... she even bragged about how he wasn't going to hit her. she turned her back and WHAP right across the face. Later she did it again having not learned her lesson and again  he socked her. He hit her twice and jumped of of something landing his elbow into her chest maybe 2 or 3 times. She demanded that he be sent home but that didn't happen. (me and another teacher had a good laugh and hugged Dino) When Dino's mom came we had to tell her and yay she gave him a high-five. Not that any of us want him acting out but when you call it upon your self by trying to pin that child down and take the things that make him calm. Weeeeeellllll. What can we say, she was told not to and she thought that she was above it all. Looks like she got what was coming to her on that one. We are fighting to try and get rid of her because none of us trust her with the kids. We are there to help them and teach them not punish them and make their lives hell.