Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blue Bunny saves the day!

My Silly bunnies are at it again, As you all know two of my bunnies don't like one and other; White Bunny and Black Bunny. My poor White Bunny has been harassed and told lies about. Black Bunny has been keeping a lot of my White Bunnies toys and things away from her, hording White Bunny's things in her little shelter. In an attempt to regain some of the Christmas things, that are very important to her because they are from White Bunnies little girl Cute Bunny's first Christmas. White Bunny enlisted the help of Blue Bunny, this was just so that Black Bunny couldn't accuse her of stealing anything or doing anything wrong. Making up stories is something that Black Bunny is good at, Blue Bunny had three stories thrown at him for a question that was never asked!

Let's start from the beginning, White Bunny and her Cuddle buddy Book Bunny were talking about attempting to regain some of White Bunnies belongings. My little bunnies didn't know how to go about this without the risk of Black Bunny being really nasty or taking the opportunity to tell more lies and accuse White Bunny of more mischief. This is why they got the Help of a very kind bunny Blue Bunny.

White Bunny and Blue Bunny walked up to Black Bunny's shelter while Book Bunny stood behind, Poor bunny's could hardly get across the section of field that belonged to Black Bunny it was such a disaster. Leaves everywhere and piled high, Bunnies kept checking for snakes. They made their way to the front of the shelter and scratched at the door, Big Bunny (Black Bunnies' cuddle buddy) Opened the door  and asked Blue Bunny why he was there ignoring White Bunny, like she wasn't next to Blue Bunny. Blue Bunny calmly stated that he was only there to assist White Bunnies quest to regain he toys and belongings. Big Bunny said that he could "obviously" not let White bunny into his shelter. I'm not sure what was supposed to be obvious about that, Maybe he didn't want to tarnish White Bunny's pretty fur with the crowded and unkempt shelter. That was nice of him. He asked White Bunny to write a list of all the things that she wanted back and that they would attempt to locate her toys and other things.

Enter Black Bunny. Black Bunny came out of the shelter and rudely questioned White Bunny on what she was going to do with her Bunny-mobile. This was previously worked out that Black Bunny could keep it. Black Bunny said that her field space looked so trashy because of the Bunny-mobile in the way, Because the three broken bunny-mobiles and the piling, rotting leaves didn't contribute to that at all.

Big Bunny searched the shelter for all the things on White Bunnies list, handing over things that had not even been on it, but he knew belonged to her. Book Bunny was kind and put all the things in to the Bunny Bus. This continued while Black Bunny made excuses as to why some of Cute Bunnies things had "gone missing" Still accusing White Bunny of stealing. One of the toys that had "gone missing" was a Auto-control-mini-bunny-bus (that is fun to say, try it.) First Black Bunny said that it was in the closet for the other tiny bunnies that she loved (she has none) When White Bunny said that Black Bunny could't keep it because she was not the one that had scavenged for it things got pretty heated. Blue Bunny laughed at a few of the truths that White Bunny had explained to him (Like the broken bunny-mobiles and the lack of other tiny bunnies like Cute Bunny) But he had to step in before the verbal exchange turned into a full on scratch fight. After that White Bunny and Book Bunny booked it (sorry puns) Blue bunny left after.

Now remember these stories are about BUNNIES.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey everyone it is Turkey day, like all the other people out there I will say something that I am great-full for, My family. Yes I know that is what everyone says and it is really just a catch all so I will give you an other one. I am thank-full for this pregnancy almost being done because holy crap I can't take much more of this.

Speaking of my pregnancy, not that you asked (or really want to know), It is going great. (Other then the fact that it is still going. GET OUT OF ME CHILD) Everyone tells you about the emotions that come with being with child but it is really hard to wrap your head around it until you are faced with it. I have been out of work for three months, Brian has been taking really good care of me. I HATE. REPEAT, I. HATE. BEING. OUT. OF. WORK.  The daycare that I was working at closed it's doors. Long story that I probably won't tell. No one wants to hire someone that is 5 months pregnant and we where having a hard time due to all the injuries that made me almost lose Little One a few times,

Brian and I thought that it would be best If I went back to work after the baby. Back to the emotions, because I am out of work I am dependent on Brian and my Dad, anything that I want or need I have to tell them because I can't just take care of it myself. That is enough to make me go crazy. I have amazing friends and family that help me through whatever it is that I am going through.

Early this morning when Brian got home from work I was feeling very down. (Thanks to all the SAD buzzfeed videos that I watched. thanks buzzfeed.) I don't know, being out of work has been really hard to deal with. It makes me feel like I am always in peoples way and that I can't do anything for myself so I had a little of a melt down over it. Brian put me back together and I am fine now.

Before I was an expecting mommy It was always rather difficult to make me really cry. I cried out of empathy but it took a lot to make me cry for myself . I could also always cry on cue however it took some mental doing (Acting class!!!) Now I can cry on cue without really having to do anything. Think of something sad and done.

I cant wait to get back to normal. Anyway happy Turkey day and I hope you all have a great one!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Almost done baking!

Just a little over a month to go, then the little monster in my tummy will be the little monster in my arms. I (at this moment) have no desire to ever go through this again. Many people say that changes as soon as you see how they are growing up but I am just not sure that I could do this again.

I had a baby shower the other day, it was so amazing! Brian's family showed up with an amazing gift. I had friends and my dad there so it was an all around good time. Everyone got along great, we got to silly string the kids and it was an all around good time.

The part that I hated was that Brian had to be at work, he missed it and I missed him really bad. That is something that no one told me is that I have separation anxiety about being away from Brian.

This is the AMAZING AND WONDERFUL diaper cake that I got from the so amazing Tiffany!!!! (feel better tiff) it has so many beautiful trinkets on it.

This is this the swing that I got from my new found family, it is the most beautiful thing that I could have asked for in a swing. I got many many more things that I am super grateful for however I don't want to take pictures of them all! That would be a LONG post.

P.s. Totally off topic I painted this and I am super proud of it.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Growing a human.

When I was younger and thought about having a family I somehow glossed over the fact that I had to get pregnant. I don't know what I thought, no big deal, it's only 9 months, It wont be that bad? The prospect of growing another human didn't quite hit me the way that it didn't hit many others my age until they go trough it.

This is my take on things since I have been pregnant.
I never realized that even though the baby is not here yet that she depends on me for everything, I have a responsibility to take care of a little human that by law isn't even considered a human yet. With that in mind it means that I have a more prominent responsibility to take care of myself. I have always been one to try and look put-together; I am also one that doesn't think twice when I think I can do something. "Hey is there anyway that you can work a 12 with screaming kids all day?" "sure" I didn't think about her. My rest is her rest, what I put in my body I put in hers. I know this will sound a little off but I don't feel like I have a body anymore, it's not just sharing it with her. She has taken over.

This little human in my tummy has taken over my body, it grows with her. She can make it hurt, she can make it heal. That to me was something that I may have known was going to happen but I didn't expect the weight of it. Really this post is like that, I knew all of this going in, I didn't expect the weight of it all.

I am 21 years old at this point, Brian is 25, we don't have everything figured out. Who does? At times I feel like I am a 5 year old playing house and taking on responsibilities that I am far to young to understand. Other times I feel that I am doing well for myself, that I am on track in my life. A lot of that is money, when I am stressed about it I am playing house and when I feel that I am okay with it I am on track.

It's a weight knowing that she is going to be here and depend on Brian and I for everything, we can do it. Brian will make an amazing father. The bond that they have is unreal, I can already tell you she will be a daddy's girl. As for me being a mother, others have told me time and time again that I would make a good one, time to prove it.

I hate that I no longer have a job, I don't like the fact that I have to depend on Brian for everything that I want and need. It's something that I had to do for her. Brian is more then happy to do everything that he can for us, I just hate feeling like I am not doing anything. I have to keep reminding myself that I was put off work for her. If I had continued to do go about the way that I had been she would have been put in harms way. It is up to Brian and I to keep her safe. This is what comes with growing a human.

I can't wait to meet her.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

False labor sucks.

So I am always a bit nervous about what goes on with baby girl, I have had troubles that could have cost her her life. (wow what a heavy way to start this off.) I was sitting at home a few days ago, showing my friend some of the baby clothes that had been given to me, when I started to have contractions. They came every 7-10 minutes and they hurt like hell. The first few came and I thought "Okay drink water and move around." Then more came. I called the doc to ask what I should do and she said to come down to the hospital to be monitored.

So once I got to the hospital they stopped coming so painfully, I didn't even notice them. They did come enough for me to have to get checked out farther though. False labor, that is something that just makes you worry. I have been fine since and everything has been going well. (other then my blood count, nothing an iron supplement cant fix)

What I did like out of the experience was that I got to go to the ward where I would actually be having her. I got to see what the rooms are like and meet some of the nurses. That made me happy for the fact that I know what to expect now.

so there is your small update about my little life. <3 I was thinking about starting a sub-series about my Bunnies. I am not sure if I want to do it yet. I have so many stories for you guys but I don't want to post things that may make White bunny's life harder then it already is.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

MY CHILD IS A DICK (but I adore her)

I love that I have this amazing little girl on the way into the world. I am so happy that I have her and she is healthy. however. MY LITTLE GIRL IS A DICK! Every morning at around 6:00 if not earlier it is time to kick mommy awake, this is after the game of lets wake her up every other hour. Now I wont say that she always wins this, sometimes I get to sleep till 9 but that is all.

As soon as I get up however it is her nap time. When I say kicking to wake me she kicks so hard into the bed that Brian can feel the bed move. I have been having a really sharp pain under my breast, it feels like the underwire in a bra stabbing into me. (ALL woman know just how painful this can be.) So a quick google later I find that in almost all cases it is the little bundle of love kicking your ribs. Now I am still going to talk to my doctor about it but I figure the internet has to be good for something right!

Now we have known for some time that the little girl in my tummy has quite the attitude, we knew this when she mooned a ultrasound tech and hid everything that she needed to see. (granted the ultrasound tech was rushing and not at all good)

I feel such a strong connection with her that I (think) that I can pick out how she feels. I guess all parents do that, feel that they can talk for the little ones that they created. It lasts until your child is old enough to turn to you and say "NO." I always let my mom talk for me when it came to doctors and things like that for the fact that I told her everything and she knew how to put it into words that people would understand better then I did.

Now along with ever other dick thing that she does I have no clue how people ENJOY being prego, I cant wait to get her out of the place that enables her to kick me from the inside out. I do love feeling her kick and I am not ungrateful that she does. I am lucky to have such an amazing feeling but the game that she plays with my ribs (I am calling "knock knock with the bones) HURTS.

Friday, August 26, 2016


It has been a long while since I have posted anything. Most of this is because I have been under a LOT of stress. I know that I vent on here a lot and that is what helps release some of that stress but because i was unable to update you guys on what I needed to from my other posts I kept it all in. Sorry about that. Lets see if I can catch you guys up all in one go.


Spooker was found guilty of abusing and neglecting Dino. This came at a really big cost, when he got to her over the whole play-doe thing she grabbed his neck so hard to throw him off that it left whelp marks on him. I didn't see them the day that he came home with them but I did see them three days after the event. They looked like the whelp marks that you get from burning yourself with a hair straightener mind you that was after three days of it healing up. Cops where called, DHS, my life turned into a ball of stress. DHS already didn't like the center because Director is a male and they have flat out stated that they hate that a male works in the center and they will keep coming at us in every way possible until he is gone. What this meant for us was that we where understaffed and DHS was up our tail every chance they got. We got written up at times for thing that (let me tell you) they made up! I am glad that Spooker cant work with kids anymore but wow I did not expect it to go like that. This goes along with Director's boss yelling and throwing tantrums that her little pet got booted. So not only did we have DHS but we had her.

So after all of that went down Brian ended up quitting his job. He really didn't have a option in the matter. He had laughed and joked at work when he accidentally took a seat on his self (meaning his balls) nothing more then that. A female worker told (unsure of this but it ended up being told to him like this) that he was offering to expose himself. WHAT!!!!! yeah that never happened. One of the managers threatened to ban him from the store and bring him up on charges. She wouldn't even listen to anything that he had to say. Then again I shouldn't be surprised about this due to the fact that he got written up for being "negative" yet they wouldn't tell him how he was negative or really even when he was, that screams BULL to me. The reason that they wouldn't tell him? "Well we can't give you to much information on it because you cant know who said it." ...........BULL More things went down but that is the sum of it.

I will not go into much detail about this one but a friend chewed him up one side and down the other saying that he was stupid for even having this child. needless to say I am not a fan of this friend even if he apologized. I am sorry I know so many people are "forgive and forget" but that is asking to be hurt again.

Need I really say more to this. My Bunnies are so funny. (tee hee)

So on more then one occasion I have tripped or fallen at work. Working with kids it is something that happens. The last fall that I took was really nasty. I hit my head my tummy my back I got a huge cut on my butt. I had to go to the hospital and it became apparent to me for many reasons I had to let go of that job until at least the pregnancy is over.

Baby (GIRL!!!!!!!!!) had a cyst in the brain. This caused Brian and I many many sleepless nights but she is okay and the cyst is gone.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

she is what PARENTS FEAR

So, this is a continuation from the last post. I have seen Spooker in action and it is horrific. All she does is sit in a chair and let the kids do WHATEVER they want. I have NEVER heard a class be that crazy. She has not been there a week (she played sick Monday and Thursday) and she has already had parent complaints. This was because she didn't even bother to smile and say hi in the mornings to anyone she just sat on her ass and did NOTHING. Now lets go through the week and what happened.

She didn't greet any parents, and when Popper walked in a baby was laying on the floor with all the big kids going crazy and running around him. A BABY was on the floor and he could have been kicked, tripped over, stepped on, this little one could have been really hurt and she didn't care. While all of this was going down, a small child (not even 2 yet) had his leg pinned and couldn't get out. He was screaming and crying. She didn't notice.
What is going to happen from here on out is I let her into the building (I have the keys) and I stick around till the next person shows up then I go home and sleep wake up and come in for my normal shift.

What I was told about her stands true. SHE HATES DIAPERS.  I hate them too but I still do them. Her first day she PUSHED a child into my class room and told me to change him. Now Director isn't going for this, he has started making her do her own but that isn't going well. She had 2 kids that need to be changed every so often, one of them got changed ONCE and in that one change she used half the box of wipes on ONE wipe. the child later peed through that diaper because she never changed him again. The other child NEVER GOT CHANGED AT ALL. NOT ONCE. so he peed through his as well. Spooker you work in a day care, you cant push your diapers off on everyone else.

Spooker is always on her phone calling someone or just staying away from the kids. This was talked to her about and nothing has changed. A child got knocked to the floor because she was on her phone and didn't pay any attention.

There is an Autistic child in her care. (2 actually) this child she has already stated that she HATES (she has said it about both) We will call this kid Dino. So Dino loves dinosaurs!!! He rips up paper to make the shape of them and he plays with play-doe to make them and play with them. Dino is a sweet kid and he is always pretty good, as long as you don't touch his paper or play-doe or any toys that he has chosen that day. Dino never eats at the table and if he gets hungry he will ask you for food. Spooker has called this kid the DEVIL (His mom was not a happy person.) Spooker wanted him to eat with the kids (never going to happen) so she took away his play-doe.... she even bragged about how he wasn't going to hit her. she turned her back and WHAP right across the face. Later she did it again having not learned her lesson and again  he socked her. He hit her twice and jumped of of something landing his elbow into her chest maybe 2 or 3 times. She demanded that he be sent home but that didn't happen. (me and another teacher had a good laugh and hugged Dino) When Dino's mom came we had to tell her and yay she gave him a high-five. Not that any of us want him acting out but when you call it upon your self by trying to pin that child down and take the things that make him calm. Weeeeeellllll. What can we say, she was told not to and she thought that she was above it all. Looks like she got what was coming to her on that one. We are fighting to try and get rid of her because none of us trust her with the kids. We are there to help them and teach them not punish them and make their lives hell.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

How do you still have a job?

I you don't already know I am a teacher, now I would love for you to be thinking "So she went to collage and got her degree and did all the things that it means to become a teacher." Yeah, no, I don't have money for collage. I hardly have money for rent. What I did to become a teacher is work at a day care center, this means lesson plans, crazy kids, biting, kicking, hitting, all the things that normal teachers have to go through. Along with a TON of paperwork. I get to see the parents everyday too, and tell them first hand how their "Angel" is doing. This is a challenge at times (I'm rather blunt and need to gain more .... tact when it comes to this) but it is all good.

Now I just got my personal class room set up (YAY ME, I am so excited) I will be taking the 2 year olds which I have done before. (They listen better then the 3's and 4's so I am all good) This is just on time for the "new" teacher. This teacher has a reputation that proceeds her, not in a good way, She has worked for the company for 9 years however she has no degrees (Master Teacher is what we should have but don't need, it gets us more money and a higher rank among teachers) This teacher (let us call her ... Spooker <= I will explain)  has already started to make waves in my little school. There are a few different shifts you can have

6:30 - open, Panda queen
7:00 - Popper
8:00 or 8:30 Directer and Silly momma
9:00 ME
12:00 Tapper

Spooker has demanded Open and my boss's boss gave it to her. with means that she kicked Panda queen off of her shift and you have to puss her back. This doesn't really affect me but it was still really rude. Spooker has also stated that she is the number 2 in the daycare even though Silly momma out ranks her with her degree (unless you have the same one or a better one she is the second in command.) Not to mention that she WILL NOT DO DIAPERS. Which if you work with young kids comes will the job.

Director, my boss, and Silly momma have both worked with her and have warned me to stay away from her be nice but never tell her anything personal because she will use anything to stab you in the back. Spooker will be really mean to kids. If she finds out that a child is scared of something she will chase them with that thing. A child was scared of snakes and she chased him with a rubber one until he was balling and peed his pants. Pushing kids down, belittling them, eating a huge bag of candy and not sharing with them, being mean to kids is her everyday. Not to mention if you even step a toe out of line she will report you to Boss's boss or DHS (they are a pain)

This is just what I heard and I want to make my own conclusions but I will be wary of her. I was warned by two people that had no idea that the other warned me saying the same things. I am going to give it a few weeks (Give her time to show her true self) and we will see what she is really like. I will give you updates of all the crazy things that go down.

(p.s. I have thought about doing a thing, like every week I put up one post of "Secret thoughts of a teacher" where I tell you what runs through my mind working with kids and what they did to make me think it. tell me what you think!)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Room-mate from HELL.

So I think everyone knows how this one goes, you are looking for a place to live and this Room-mate comes along and they seem to be really nice and funny and all together not what they turn out to be. This has been the living, money sucking hell that Brian and I have to deal with.

A little background for you. About a year ago Brian had to move out of his place because his ex-roomie fucked him over really really bad. 3 months rent bad. So began the looking for a new place. That is when his amazing sister told him about a woman that had been looking for a new room-mate. (No name on her because that could get sticky so we are going to call her Sour Patch, yes I did just look at gum but it fits.) Brian met up with Sour Patch and things where fine. Lease was signed and all was good. Sour Patch had some minor things that he didn't like but the over all was good.

As for her minor things, It was taking gabs at Brian and I because we do not belong to her religion. Always asking if I had gotten knocked up yet, blaming me for messes that she had made and making him clean them up when I supposedly made the mess a few weeks ago and it didn't show up till then. That was the last time that I cooked dinner for her. Sour Patch asked me to put money in since i was over there all the time or she would start charging Brian more. ( I kinda get that but she was really really rude about it) When Brian started spending a lot of time at my place she would complain about that. She even offered him drugs one time, Brian has trouble sleeping so she told him to take one of her pills and said that it would put him right to sleep but it would also kill his sex drive. (he chose to keep having sex.)

One time we had a friend over and because he had no way to get home that night we asked if she was cool with him staying, she said yes. He slept on the couch and all was good. Sour Patch woke up at 4a.m. as always and asked him if he wanted her bed. He was very unsure but she said that she wanted the living room so he took her up on it. In no way did we ask her to at all offer up her room to him. THAT WAS A PERSONAL CHOICE THAT SHE MADE TO HAVE THE LIVING ROOM SO EARLY IN THE MORNING. The reason I am telling you this story is because she tried to use it against Brian.

After a while Brian was staying with me full time but paying half of the rent there and half of the bills that he was not using. This was when Sour patch told us that he needed to have all of his things moved by the 11th because her sister was coming in to town and she was going to use his room as a guest room. This was all the while she still expected him to pay his share of the bills. HAHA NO!!!!! He stills pays the rent so it is still his!

This was text between Sour Patch and (Brian/ I)

Us - Hey it's Brian, my phone died. (we used mine) I'm really not comfortable with anyone staying in my room while I am paying rent. It's still my room even if I am not staying there.

Her - Seriously cause you had a stranger (our friend) stay on the couch and he ended up in my bed. This is my SISTER I feel like this kid of crap comes from Amber Trying to get you out of paying rent. You were asked before you signed the lease if you were sure you didn't want to live with Amber so it is NOT my fault. (It was already signed and we weren't ready for that)

Us - No but I do pay half the rent so half the house is still mine and I didn't ask you to do that you offered it to him because you wanted the living room. And that was one day. I understand that it is your sister but it is still my room and my space.

Her - I will talk to you in person Brian, without your sidekick if that is ever possible. it's still a few weeks away. My sister is in her 60's believe me there is NOTHING in your room that she would be interested in.

Us - I don't think it's really fair, nor kind to bring Amber into this at all. I also find it disrespectful. I don't think she'll steal anything or anything. I don't call anyone a thief without proof. It's really the fact that I pay half of everything, and it will basically be a guest room with my stuff in it. For that fact, they'll be staying there on my dime. I mean, the eleventh through the twenty-eighth is the majority of a month, and I would be paying not only the basic storage of my stuff, but hers as well. I'm not trying to be a dick, financially, it just doesn't feel right to me.

Her - I fucking told you we would only be here a couple days then going up north gone probably ten days. Can't wait to get a roommate who follows through on the help I was promised and never got. I'm done with this discussion tonight.

Us - This isn't worth every one getting aggravated about the situation. I was just expressing my feelings on the matter I wasn't trying to start a fight,so good night.

Note: We never gave her permission to stay in the room. The only thing that we had a problem with was that she wanted to turn Brian's room into a guest room and still have him pay for it. We have no problem with her sister staying there, just not in the room that he has to pay for.

A little bit of a time skip, He has still been paying his rent but because I am Pregnant I told him that he shouldn't pay utilities, he is not the one using them and it is not in the lease that he has to. We need the money to cover my place and the needs for the little one. She text him DEMANDING $265 in utilities and lawn service fees, she even threatened to come to his work (Ashleys furniture, Need something?) and make a big to-do about it. Even threatening to take him to court over the issue. Now this pressed the wrong buttons for Brian. He went to gather his things so that he could put them where they belong and HIS room has been taken by her. She moved into his room and turned her old room into the guest room. To me this says he has no place in that home and no longer has to pay a thing. She also moved his belongings and went as far as to give his bed away all without telling him! I am sorry but even if she never said the words "You are kicked out." Moving all your things to the closet and giving away your bed screams that you no longer have a place there and there for no longer have to pay a thing! He is still up to date on his rent to she had no right to inhabit his room or touch any of the belongings behind the CLOSED door. She didn't even have the right to enter into it.

Tell me your thoughts, what would you do?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Crazy parents (Not mine thank goodness)

So what MOST parents want is their child's happiness, for them to get what they want out of this life through hard work and smiles. I can't think of anything that I want more in my life then to just SEE my little baby smile and he/she (don't know which yet) is still in my tummy until December.

I have always heard horrible stories of things that parents do or say but this story takes the cake. We are not talking physical abuse that is a different nightmare. For all you parents out there who think their parents are crazy this would be a NIGHTMARE COME TRUE.

Here is a little side note, I will not say any names in this story, so what I am going to do is give them nicknames. If any of them read this they will know but no one else will. I am sure I will get bitched out for this.

Black bunny = Crazy mother of White bunny
White bunny = Amazing
Cute bunny = Little one of White bunny

Why am I using bunnies? I just watched Zootopiea blame me not.

So a while ago White bunny wanted to move and she planned on moving with me, this was until her parents said "If you stay we will buy you a house." I know what you are thinking," Free house? No way she would turn that down!!!" Only the "Free house" was really we are going to rent a house for you and charge you more then we are even paying on it so that we can make $200 to $300 off of  you every month. By the time she realized what a mistake was made it was too late she was locked into a lease with her parents, contract and all.

Now Black bunny is very happy that Cute bunny didn't move across the states but she still wants her. THAT IS RIGHT Black bunny is trying to TAKE Cute bunny from her mother. Now I could see this if White bunny was an unfit mother or if she was doing things wrong but she is not!!! She has been amazing to her little one! Now my thought is WHY would you want to take your daughter's child from her if she is doing everything right!?!?!?!?

Now White bunny has a job and she pays her rent. Black bunny at one point showed up to White bunny's work DEMANDING rent. Then went back to White bunny's house and trashed the place. Along with STEALING.

Fast forward about a Month (maybe)

Black bunny has turned to threatening White bunny. Black bunny has tried to play the "mom" card, how did she even think that was going to work? "I'm your mom you have to do what I say give me Cute bunny"? as if. Then tried to pull the  "I need to take care of my Husband." card like talking Cute bunny would somehow help with that!!! Last but not least she pulled the "I have cancer." card. She does have a tumor but it has yet to be said by a doctor that she has cancer. Not to mention WHY WOULD THAT MEAN THAT WHITE BUNNY SHOULD JUST HAND OVER HER CHILD!!!!! So when all of this failed she said that she would call social services on her. White bunny is an amazing mother who does her best and more for her child. There is nothing that Cute bunny needs or even wants for. White bunny does everything that a loving mother should and more! That is the way she is, she goes above and beyond for that child.

Not to mention that if a social services person where to walk into Black bunny's house she herself would most likely lose her teenager. I have been in that house and it is horrendous. I don't even want to get into that. I am really easy to make puke these days.  Black bunny has even gotten her teenager to make Verbal attacks to White bunny. She has turned him against her when they where really close for a really long time. That was a low blow if i had ever seen one.

One of the huge questions that I had was how do you go about asking your child to GIVE you their child? Apparently it goes "I need her" which says it's more about Black bunny's needs then the needs of Cute bunny. How can anyone be that selfish.

When Black bunny went into White bunny's house she went into her room and took money from her. SHE EVEN SAID THAT SHE TOOK IT!!!!! like "I'm took it and there is nothing you can do about it."  not a quote but it may as well be.

I have been trying to convince White bunny to move here and run away to me for some time, lets hope that she comes over sometime and just never goes.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I'm pregnant not crazy... (right?)

Tell me if this sounds familiar: "I'm not going to be one of those crazy bitchy pregnant people, I will be sweet and loving!" Yeah, not working out for me. I am passed the morning sickness and onto the head splitting migraines, and Tylenol is not a wonder drug.

I feel like I am going crazy, my head always feels like it is going to fall off. I don't want to leave my bed. Watching tv and doing nothing for my day off makes me really sleepy, as if i did something to earn being sleepy.

I can tell when i am being bitchy (sometimes) I try to keep it all in, I don't want to be like that to Brian he has done nothing to earn that from me. It's like the inner bitch in me finds her way out and only goes after him. LEAVE HIM ALONE HE IS'N"T DOING ANYTHING WRONG! Sometimes everything is okay and I am sweet and loving to him and that is what I should be, Then the times that I am a bitch and he has done nothing to cause me to be.

I am sorry Brian. I am so sorry that I target you. At least I am not as crazy as I could be, I always say sorry.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

From princess of misery to princess

Okay, so I have some HUGE news to tell you guys. I am sorry that I have held off for so long to tell you guys but I am going to be a mom. That's right, someone growing in my tummy is going to be calling me MOM. Brian is so happy that he can't contain him self and I am to.

So, with that said am about 6 to 7 weeks along, Now all you mom's know that for me that means puking! I haven't been able to work, go out with friends, leave my bed, eat what I want to, or really do anything but puke and lay in bed watching movies.

Today I was in the bathroom for over an hour puking up things that are meant to stay in the body, like stomach acid. I was having an all out terrible day which was paired with the terrible night before to which I couldn't stay in bed for more then an hour without puking. Calling out of work and leaving early like I have been doing is going to get me fired. I do have another job that is at the daycare so that would be okay but it is still not really something I want.

Brian had been at work and having a good time, we text back and forth while he was there. I was telling him not to worry and that I will be just fine. When my dad came to pick him up nothing was out of the normal. Then he got home, with a dozen yellow roses with pink and red tinges at the end. HE KNOWS THAT THEY ARE MY FAVORITE.

I know that they look white but they are a pale yellow. which I love!! Not only did he come home with flowers but he also got me strawberries, green bell peppers, and cucumbers. I love my veggies and my fruit.

I have had some medical problems in the past that has me worried sometimes but I am really happy and excited! By the way for all you moms if you have advice I would love to hear it. To all the new moms to be morning sickness starts at 6 weeks reaches it's worst at 8 weeks and goes away at 12 weeks. This is for most pregnancies but it CAN and WILL very. Some mothers don't get it at all (my mom) and some get it through the whole thing (unlucky souls) I mean Damn I feel sorry for them.

Anyway let me know what you think and what you guys suggest I do. I mean if you have tricks to make this magically go away please let me know.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Don't mess with the music.

How many of you are like me and super protective of their music? I will be the first to admit that I don't even like telling people the bands and singers that I like the most, it's not because I don't want them to have more fans or that I am scared that I will get made fun of. For the most part it is because IF they do like them, they tend to act like they know everything and that they are their biggest fans. This annoys me to no end. I also don't like sharing my favorite web-sights for the same reason.

Me and Brian where at his brothers house listing to my FAVORITE singer. Power metal echoing off the walls and all was right in the world. His brothers wife was listing to it and loving the sounds and the range. Brian's brother was drunk and he started sating HORRIBLE  things that where UNTRUE.

We got so mad that in the end we had to go home because we both where just THAT pissed off. He said sorry for all that was said including the music and dis-cluding the music. I am just the type of person that takes things like this really serious. Music, for me, is something that tells who I am, how I am. I am mostly a metal person, not that you would know this by looking at me. Metal, is just one of the things that makes me happy

what MUSIC makes YOU happy? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tornado in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has been known for some questionable weather, as well as some goofy people with a bit of a "redneck talk" I give you that. So when I found out that a tornado was less then 15 minutes away from my house I wasn't all that surprised. We had three tornadoes touch down and a hell of a time.

I took a lot of pictures but this one is my favorite. My dad took us around driving because he knew that he could get out of there fast enough. While we where listing to the radio in the car one of the news announcers made me laugh. "Hey guys the tornado is headed my way, I am going to move the van...because ummmm...... I don't wanna die." I thought that was funny but before the news changed on it was playing Carrie Underwood's Blown Away  so that is just a awesome song to listen to while a tornado is coming to you, Some guys had a scene of humor putting that on.

Everything from there has been normal. I threw a birthday party and that was mostly great other then a few of my "friends" causing a lot of drama on my phone for nothing. NOTHING. I am not happy about that but I am doing to let that lie. I don't want to get upset wile talking to you guys.

This is all for today If you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave them and contact me.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cell phone repair, or brake.

I'm not as addicted to my phone as I was when I was 15 however it does make my life easier. So the story goes like so many others I shattered my screen. I didn't want to spend $90 on a new phone and Tiffany said that she could fix it for me!!

We got a "hold over phone" that didn't work, the replacement screen. I was without my phone for about a week so when she ripped apart my phone and put it all back together perfect I was ecstatic took a selfie on the spot!

I was working when I realized that the screen was not sticking down. I called a cell phone repair store to tell them the problem and they said that they would fix it for free! so I rushed down to get it done and over with. it's not like they where going to brake it more right....... take a guess what happened.

All we heard was "clank....clank....crash" the guy came out and told me "Well your screen doesn't stick up anymore..... but your touch doesn't work, and I  broke your screen." I was in shock, I was about to cry. the then proceeded to tell me that we bought a cheep part and it wasn't his fault. using the reasoning that the LED indicator didn't shine through anymore as his proof.

They didn't have the part in store so I had to wait until Monday to get it back. When I did not only did my LED still not shine through but he scratched the outer part of my phone all to hell, didn't place it right, and did an altogether messy job. It works fine but I keep wishing I could have just bought a new phone.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pappa Wolfe don't play.

My Dad is not someone that you really want to piss off, you will have a bad time. This fact was proven last night in the truest of ways. Some kids where messing with and assaulting a young girl around 10 or 11 last night. My dad heard her screaming at a group of teenage boys. They where taking her things and throwing them under cars, trying to steal her phone. They pulled her hair and chased after her when she tried to get away from them.

My Dad went outside along with Brian to yell at the kids and try to get them away from the girl that was doing nothing more then minding her own. They backed away from her, you would think this would be the end of it. Not so much. One of the teenagers, dumbest of them, yelled "F-you!" displaying his "grown-up vocabulary" Before Brian had a chance to ask: "Sir did you hear that?" he was out the door.

So they took the lessen and stopped right? Never. Not thirty min later they came outside to reek havoc. Keeping me up until 3:45 this morning when I had to go to work at 5. Lets see, no way!! I can't work next to heavy equipment when I can't keep my balance due to lack of sleep.

It seems that everything is just coming in strides lately. Never to get rest. By the way, to all of you who have 80 degree heat, would you remind Oklahoma that it is supposed to get warm, not even colder. I don't know what it is about Oklahoma but crazy things just keep happening. I should tell you what happened in the first 15 min of me moving here! That was crazy.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Doggie Drama

I am sorry that I have not updated in a while, a lot has gone on in the time between the posts. lets try to do this in order. Starting my sister.

My sister, THINKS she is funny. I am not really trying to be correct with grammar here, I don't care all that much. That and this is mostly just for me to put myself a little farther out of what I am used to. Ashley sent me a book called (I wish i was joking) The only grammar book you will ever need. When it got to my door it had three other packages accompany it. (reviews) I had no clue how it had come to me. At first I thought it was a wrong address, but it had my name on it. I went through the possibilities in my head.
1. My sister
2. I accidentally ordered it
3. The fried that has my account info thought that she was on hers
When I asked my sister if she had done it she said yes. (smugly)
Honestly I think she just likes being the subject of my blog.

Brian's new job
Brian and I stayed at my friend Tiffany's house for about a week. Tiff was amazing enough to take us back and forth. He wouldn't have been able to get to his first three days without her. (My car needs some work) Bri is really excited about all the amazing things that he is learning. He enjoys his managers, has made some friends. He even brags about little me! He has introduced me to everyone that he could. (He said that someone asked him how he got such a looker ((old guy)))
I am really happy that he is finally happy with there he works, not all the days where uneventful however. (We will get there)

Brian was complaining about server tooth pain for a little while, the wisdom tooth got removed. IT NEVER CLOTTED!! This means that it was ALWAYS a dry socket. He Kept with that for about four days, until Mrs.Tiff looked in his mouth and said "Hell no." She drove us about an hour out to the native hospital. They put in this packing that had popped out within the first hour, and had dissappered  by the next morning. We had to take him back to do it all over again, So far so good but we will see how this keeps up because it is still not healed.

I Love animals, I am more of a cat person but I do love dogs. One of the mornings that we where headed out to take Bri to his training Tiffany had heard Mo (a dog) fighting with BB (Husky mix. Beautiful) This wasn't an uncommon thing for her but when she yelled at Mo it didn't stop. Let it be known that the owners of said dogs DON'T live in the house that the dogs are in the back yard of. There is no water or electricity on at the house. They come by one a day to feed them (maybe) What they feed them is very unhealthy for them. Last but not least Tiffany was asked to "keep an eye on them" So when Tiff got over there Mo had BB pinned  and there was blood all over the both of them. Mo had him under for 6 min. Tiffany did the only thing that she could do, Let BB out of the yard before he wound up dead. That is how things would have ended. She called BB's "mom" (STUPID BITCH!!!!!!) Who didn't answer, so Tiff left a voice mail. It said Take care of your dogs, I can't see this happen. Do you want me to find a home for BB. Tiff was very emotional due to the fact that she had saved BB when he was just a pup and this was not the life that she had wanted for him. The bitch texted back to the long tear felt message begging for a change with "yeah find a home for BB thanks." Not an "Is he okay." nothing. Tiff did find someone that wants him but since he was so frighted over what had happened we couldn't catch him. (other things happened but I am just so mad)

I heard back from the interview that I had and as expected I didn't get it. Now I am looking in to being a Ophthalmologist Tech. Worth a shot!!

Anyway thank you!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Awesome, strong and durable

The title was named by Brian, He got the job that he had that third interview for! That however is not all that has happened in the last 24 to 48 hours.

Brian has been complaining about his wisdom tooth for about a week and a half, lucky for him, my dad is amazing. My dad has a lot of medical experience. He also likes essential oils. If you don't know what they are they are good for so many things. You can cook with them, get rid of headaches, stomachaches. Everything! Look it up, they are a fix all for me.

Clove oil, acts a a numbing agent, it also draws out infections. For Brian, it brought out the abscess under his tooth. (I am not saying that you should use this instead of real medical advice) Brian, being himself, tore out the abscess with nothing more then a tooth pick. (not joking...) The doctor said that it was reckless but it was also the best thing that he could have done for himself. It relieved a lot of his pain, which was a very good thing.

They had to brake the tooth a few times and rip it out in sections. Through blood, gore, half of his face being numb and fabric in his mouth, HE CAME OUT SMILING!

I was amazed, he has always been amazing but this brought it to a new level.

Here is your update, see you later!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Because I posted this on my facebook my older sister found it. The next thing I know she is on the phone yelling at me. "You started a blog! You are engaged!Why don't you tell me anything!" I had to laugh to myself.

My sister is an amazing person, she is sweet and fun and smart. (sometimes, others she is a bit of a dits) We have been close for sometime but we do live apart so sometimes our communication lacks, if there is anything I know that my sister hates it is being left out of the loop. Ashley is four years older then me although sometimes she doesn't act like it, that is one of the things that I love about her.

After a tried to answer her questions she asked one that just made me pause. "Where is the RING?" If you where confused as to my last post, I nor Brian said that we were engaged my Dad did. We where just informed of the matter. Not that we are saying no it, it will happen in time. (Some of our friends refuse to say that we are anything less then engaged.) We just roll with it. 

Maybe it is because we don't act like we are anything less, as I have been informed, "You two should just pick a date! you don't act like boyfriend and girl friend, you act like a married couple so just get on with it." 


To all my readers, Thank you.
To all my family readers, DON'T YELL AT ME!

I don't think that is going to do anything at all. If anything I am going to get a text "I am not a dits" which I see in my future after I hit the "Post" Icon

Brian has his 3rd interview today, it is for an amazing job that I  think will be a lot of fun for him. He has this charm on people, he can be friends with anyone and everyone likes him. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing.

We went to get some food last night and I noticed the person ringing him up was a little flirty with him, this didn't bother me so much until later. He wanted some extra fries, he goes up to the register and asks if he can place an order. The girl asked him what he wants and gives it to him for free. They where closing down but she went out of her way to get this for him. I thought, well that was nice of her. Though I did tease him and asked him if it was the girl making goo goo eyes at him. It was, but he did't notice that she was. When I got up to get a little more tea I noticed that they had taken it back. I asked the same girl if she had any at the drive through. Her response was less then polite. With a glare attached.

I wasn't feeling well when I got into the place, I didn't look my best. I hardly looked awake. I did't like being looked at like "Why is he with her?"  That is life tho, and I am still happy with mine. I was not mad at him at all. I don't mind that he gets looked at, I take it as a complement. She didn't have to be rude though.

sorry for the short post, I have to run.; Time for the interview!!! As for the little rant, well where better to put it then here.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

kick off the day (with it kicking me)

So today stated really well, I got to shut off all my alarms, I woke up next to my amazing boyfriend who was cuddled next to me. ( he was also feeling me up but we will just let that be)

Yesterday I had an interview with my company to try to get a position that I want! I thought everything was going really well. The stars where starting to smile my way. A few things have been amazing recently. Brian is moving in to my place, he got someone to take his old one, he found a great new job, I got the interview.

Like clockwork it all crashes there.

I was supposed to be at work today, when I checked my schedule however I didn't say so until today. I didn't show up or call. NOW I have to message my manager to tell him why.


I guess I can kiss that goodbye! The only reason I am even calm enough to blog this is because Brian is good at calming me down. I still don't think that he is right about me getting the better position. Not when this happened right after. I probably look like the most irresponsible person they can think of.

(Brian here! I think I'm right.)
^made me smile

Anyway I should lighten up the mood. I live with my dad and now my boyfriend, before you say "wow that is awkward" I should also let you know they are best friends.

They talk about their penises together ( I really really wish I was joking about that.)
Last night my dad informed me that Brian and I are engaged. This came about because when my dad introduced Brian, to someone that was new to the building where we live, he said: "That is my future son-in-law"

It's not like we haven't talked about it, I mean we have for a while but I guess before he could ask me properly (he asked me with taco bell sauce as a joke)  my dad "said so"

Time to start planning the wedding?

There is a little good and bad in my live over the last two days.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Welcome to Amberismz

Hello. My name is Amber and I am 21. I have an awesome boyfriend named Brian.  He puts up with all my crazy, silly, fun-ness. He calls me cute and adorable and i wish you could see me hug him! He always puts a smile on my face!  I speak my mind. That is all the time.  It can be down right crazy or sometimes just weird. I am pretty least that is what my friends all say.

A bit about me.... I like music and will randomly dance or sing to whatever gains my attention. Anyone that knows me knows....don't judge its all fun!  Obviously I like to write.  Although I spell most things wrong.  I am a cat lover. I often try to steal (run away with) my friends kitties.  So i guess for now I can be happy with being the adopted Mom when I visit them.  Cats don't mind at all. They just are like PET ME!!!!   So its all good.

I draw sometimes but I may not share it unless I get enough people that ask.

I just got into doing product reviews. It is new to me and I think it is a lot of fun so now I plan to expand off of Amazon and move some of the most favorite of my items in to the blog as time goes by. So be sure to keep an eye on this page because I will share only the best of the best products that I love.

I like cosplay and sew my own costumes.  I also like making clothing for myself. It is a bit of stress reliever and lets my imagination run wild....oh wait that happens a lot.  So, as you can see I can get distracted when I get going on a tangent.

I also like Anime.  Games are fun and oh yea..... I am a bit of a nerd. Comic book style!

Who is my favorite? Glad you ask..... Harley Quinn!  I go total fan girl over this chick. She's bad ass!

I am a twin also! We are fraternal but that is a very long story..... that starts with.... born together.... ends with twinsies and has a bit of (I hate my boss) mixed in. It's a very long story. SO, if you want to know the whole story.... You have to ask!

I enjoy doing hair and playing with dyes.  I am new to make up mostly because I am too lazy to wear it.  I have fun with it because you can literally transform into anything. I just have to do some more research on how to do what I want. Very cool. Otherwise, I end up two shades darker then I want to  be.  (FUN!)

*Looks away*  Yeah..... maybe not so much in public!  *face palm*

I have this amazing friend named Tiffany AKA *the Goddess of all things I know* who made my banner and is showing me the ropes on doing this Blog Thang LOL.

So hang around and follow me and you will be sure to have fun and maybe get a bit confused as you read my content but, it is always bound to be interesting and crazy.  You just never know what I might have to say. Because really, I don't either. Oh wait that is kinda in the title above and now i sound stupid. Oh crap.. *points up*. Yep its there! I have no idea where to begin. Does it show? Well stick with me and  maybe you all can give some suggestions to what you want to know.  (please sugar coat the criticism