Friday, August 26, 2016


It has been a long while since I have posted anything. Most of this is because I have been under a LOT of stress. I know that I vent on here a lot and that is what helps release some of that stress but because i was unable to update you guys on what I needed to from my other posts I kept it all in. Sorry about that. Lets see if I can catch you guys up all in one go.


Spooker was found guilty of abusing and neglecting Dino. This came at a really big cost, when he got to her over the whole play-doe thing she grabbed his neck so hard to throw him off that it left whelp marks on him. I didn't see them the day that he came home with them but I did see them three days after the event. They looked like the whelp marks that you get from burning yourself with a hair straightener mind you that was after three days of it healing up. Cops where called, DHS, my life turned into a ball of stress. DHS already didn't like the center because Director is a male and they have flat out stated that they hate that a male works in the center and they will keep coming at us in every way possible until he is gone. What this meant for us was that we where understaffed and DHS was up our tail every chance they got. We got written up at times for thing that (let me tell you) they made up! I am glad that Spooker cant work with kids anymore but wow I did not expect it to go like that. This goes along with Director's boss yelling and throwing tantrums that her little pet got booted. So not only did we have DHS but we had her.

So after all of that went down Brian ended up quitting his job. He really didn't have a option in the matter. He had laughed and joked at work when he accidentally took a seat on his self (meaning his balls) nothing more then that. A female worker told (unsure of this but it ended up being told to him like this) that he was offering to expose himself. WHAT!!!!! yeah that never happened. One of the managers threatened to ban him from the store and bring him up on charges. She wouldn't even listen to anything that he had to say. Then again I shouldn't be surprised about this due to the fact that he got written up for being "negative" yet they wouldn't tell him how he was negative or really even when he was, that screams BULL to me. The reason that they wouldn't tell him? "Well we can't give you to much information on it because you cant know who said it." ...........BULL More things went down but that is the sum of it.

I will not go into much detail about this one but a friend chewed him up one side and down the other saying that he was stupid for even having this child. needless to say I am not a fan of this friend even if he apologized. I am sorry I know so many people are "forgive and forget" but that is asking to be hurt again.

Need I really say more to this. My Bunnies are so funny. (tee hee)

So on more then one occasion I have tripped or fallen at work. Working with kids it is something that happens. The last fall that I took was really nasty. I hit my head my tummy my back I got a huge cut on my butt. I had to go to the hospital and it became apparent to me for many reasons I had to let go of that job until at least the pregnancy is over.

Baby (GIRL!!!!!!!!!) had a cyst in the brain. This caused Brian and I many many sleepless nights but she is okay and the cyst is gone.