Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blue Bunny saves the day!

My Silly bunnies are at it again, As you all know two of my bunnies don't like one and other; White Bunny and Black Bunny. My poor White Bunny has been harassed and told lies about. Black Bunny has been keeping a lot of my White Bunnies toys and things away from her, hording White Bunny's things in her little shelter. In an attempt to regain some of the Christmas things, that are very important to her because they are from White Bunnies little girl Cute Bunny's first Christmas. White Bunny enlisted the help of Blue Bunny, this was just so that Black Bunny couldn't accuse her of stealing anything or doing anything wrong. Making up stories is something that Black Bunny is good at, Blue Bunny had three stories thrown at him for a question that was never asked!

Let's start from the beginning, White Bunny and her Cuddle buddy Book Bunny were talking about attempting to regain some of White Bunnies belongings. My little bunnies didn't know how to go about this without the risk of Black Bunny being really nasty or taking the opportunity to tell more lies and accuse White Bunny of more mischief. This is why they got the Help of a very kind bunny Blue Bunny.

White Bunny and Blue Bunny walked up to Black Bunny's shelter while Book Bunny stood behind, Poor bunny's could hardly get across the section of field that belonged to Black Bunny it was such a disaster. Leaves everywhere and piled high, Bunnies kept checking for snakes. They made their way to the front of the shelter and scratched at the door, Big Bunny (Black Bunnies' cuddle buddy) Opened the door  and asked Blue Bunny why he was there ignoring White Bunny, like she wasn't next to Blue Bunny. Blue Bunny calmly stated that he was only there to assist White Bunnies quest to regain he toys and belongings. Big Bunny said that he could "obviously" not let White bunny into his shelter. I'm not sure what was supposed to be obvious about that, Maybe he didn't want to tarnish White Bunny's pretty fur with the crowded and unkempt shelter. That was nice of him. He asked White Bunny to write a list of all the things that she wanted back and that they would attempt to locate her toys and other things.

Enter Black Bunny. Black Bunny came out of the shelter and rudely questioned White Bunny on what she was going to do with her Bunny-mobile. This was previously worked out that Black Bunny could keep it. Black Bunny said that her field space looked so trashy because of the Bunny-mobile in the way, Because the three broken bunny-mobiles and the piling, rotting leaves didn't contribute to that at all.

Big Bunny searched the shelter for all the things on White Bunnies list, handing over things that had not even been on it, but he knew belonged to her. Book Bunny was kind and put all the things in to the Bunny Bus. This continued while Black Bunny made excuses as to why some of Cute Bunnies things had "gone missing" Still accusing White Bunny of stealing. One of the toys that had "gone missing" was a Auto-control-mini-bunny-bus (that is fun to say, try it.) First Black Bunny said that it was in the closet for the other tiny bunnies that she loved (she has none) When White Bunny said that Black Bunny could't keep it because she was not the one that had scavenged for it things got pretty heated. Blue Bunny laughed at a few of the truths that White Bunny had explained to him (Like the broken bunny-mobiles and the lack of other tiny bunnies like Cute Bunny) But he had to step in before the verbal exchange turned into a full on scratch fight. After that White Bunny and Book Bunny booked it (sorry puns) Blue bunny left after.

Now remember these stories are about BUNNIES.