Sunday, February 28, 2016

kick off the day (with it kicking me)

So today stated really well, I got to shut off all my alarms, I woke up next to my amazing boyfriend who was cuddled next to me. ( he was also feeling me up but we will just let that be)

Yesterday I had an interview with my company to try to get a position that I want! I thought everything was going really well. The stars where starting to smile my way. A few things have been amazing recently. Brian is moving in to my place, he got someone to take his old one, he found a great new job, I got the interview.

Like clockwork it all crashes there.

I was supposed to be at work today, when I checked my schedule however I didn't say so until today. I didn't show up or call. NOW I have to message my manager to tell him why.


I guess I can kiss that goodbye! The only reason I am even calm enough to blog this is because Brian is good at calming me down. I still don't think that he is right about me getting the better position. Not when this happened right after. I probably look like the most irresponsible person they can think of.

(Brian here! I think I'm right.)
^made me smile

Anyway I should lighten up the mood. I live with my dad and now my boyfriend, before you say "wow that is awkward" I should also let you know they are best friends.

They talk about their penises together ( I really really wish I was joking about that.)
Last night my dad informed me that Brian and I are engaged. This came about because when my dad introduced Brian, to someone that was new to the building where we live, he said: "That is my future son-in-law"

It's not like we haven't talked about it, I mean we have for a while but I guess before he could ask me properly (he asked me with taco bell sauce as a joke)  my dad "said so"

Time to start planning the wedding?

There is a little good and bad in my live over the last two days.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Welcome to Amberismz

Hello. My name is Amber and I am 21. I have an awesome boyfriend named Brian.  He puts up with all my crazy, silly, fun-ness. He calls me cute and adorable and i wish you could see me hug him! He always puts a smile on my face!  I speak my mind. That is all the time.  It can be down right crazy or sometimes just weird. I am pretty least that is what my friends all say.

A bit about me.... I like music and will randomly dance or sing to whatever gains my attention. Anyone that knows me knows....don't judge its all fun!  Obviously I like to write.  Although I spell most things wrong.  I am a cat lover. I often try to steal (run away with) my friends kitties.  So i guess for now I can be happy with being the adopted Mom when I visit them.  Cats don't mind at all. They just are like PET ME!!!!   So its all good.

I draw sometimes but I may not share it unless I get enough people that ask.

I just got into doing product reviews. It is new to me and I think it is a lot of fun so now I plan to expand off of Amazon and move some of the most favorite of my items in to the blog as time goes by. So be sure to keep an eye on this page because I will share only the best of the best products that I love.

I like cosplay and sew my own costumes.  I also like making clothing for myself. It is a bit of stress reliever and lets my imagination run wild....oh wait that happens a lot.  So, as you can see I can get distracted when I get going on a tangent.

I also like Anime.  Games are fun and oh yea..... I am a bit of a nerd. Comic book style!

Who is my favorite? Glad you ask..... Harley Quinn!  I go total fan girl over this chick. She's bad ass!

I am a twin also! We are fraternal but that is a very long story..... that starts with.... born together.... ends with twinsies and has a bit of (I hate my boss) mixed in. It's a very long story. SO, if you want to know the whole story.... You have to ask!

I enjoy doing hair and playing with dyes.  I am new to make up mostly because I am too lazy to wear it.  I have fun with it because you can literally transform into anything. I just have to do some more research on how to do what I want. Very cool. Otherwise, I end up two shades darker then I want to  be.  (FUN!)

*Looks away*  Yeah..... maybe not so much in public!  *face palm*

I have this amazing friend named Tiffany AKA *the Goddess of all things I know* who made my banner and is showing me the ropes on doing this Blog Thang LOL.

So hang around and follow me and you will be sure to have fun and maybe get a bit confused as you read my content but, it is always bound to be interesting and crazy.  You just never know what I might have to say. Because really, I don't either. Oh wait that is kinda in the title above and now i sound stupid. Oh crap.. *points up*. Yep its there! I have no idea where to begin. Does it show? Well stick with me and  maybe you all can give some suggestions to what you want to know.  (please sugar coat the criticism