Sunday, February 28, 2016

kick off the day (with it kicking me)

So today stated really well, I got to shut off all my alarms, I woke up next to my amazing boyfriend who was cuddled next to me. ( he was also feeling me up but we will just let that be)

Yesterday I had an interview with my company to try to get a position that I want! I thought everything was going really well. The stars where starting to smile my way. A few things have been amazing recently. Brian is moving in to my place, he got someone to take his old one, he found a great new job, I got the interview.

Like clockwork it all crashes there.

I was supposed to be at work today, when I checked my schedule however I didn't say so until today. I didn't show up or call. NOW I have to message my manager to tell him why.


I guess I can kiss that goodbye! The only reason I am even calm enough to blog this is because Brian is good at calming me down. I still don't think that he is right about me getting the better position. Not when this happened right after. I probably look like the most irresponsible person they can think of.

(Brian here! I think I'm right.)
^made me smile

Anyway I should lighten up the mood. I live with my dad and now my boyfriend, before you say "wow that is awkward" I should also let you know they are best friends.

They talk about their penises together ( I really really wish I was joking about that.)
Last night my dad informed me that Brian and I are engaged. This came about because when my dad introduced Brian, to someone that was new to the building where we live, he said: "That is my future son-in-law"

It's not like we haven't talked about it, I mean we have for a while but I guess before he could ask me properly (he asked me with taco bell sauce as a joke)  my dad "said so"

Time to start planning the wedding?

There is a little good and bad in my live over the last two days.

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