Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Because I posted this on my facebook my older sister found it. The next thing I know she is on the phone yelling at me. "You started a blog! You are engaged!Why don't you tell me anything!" I had to laugh to myself.

My sister is an amazing person, she is sweet and fun and smart. (sometimes, others she is a bit of a dits) We have been close for sometime but we do live apart so sometimes our communication lacks, if there is anything I know that my sister hates it is being left out of the loop. Ashley is four years older then me although sometimes she doesn't act like it, that is one of the things that I love about her.

After a tried to answer her questions she asked one that just made me pause. "Where is the RING?" If you where confused as to my last post, I nor Brian said that we were engaged my Dad did. We where just informed of the matter. Not that we are saying no it, it will happen in time. (Some of our friends refuse to say that we are anything less then engaged.) We just roll with it. 

Maybe it is because we don't act like we are anything less, as I have been informed, "You two should just pick a date! you don't act like boyfriend and girl friend, you act like a married couple so just get on with it." 


To all my readers, Thank you.
To all my family readers, DON'T YELL AT ME!

I don't think that is going to do anything at all. If anything I am going to get a text "I am not a dits" which I see in my future after I hit the "Post" Icon

Brian has his 3rd interview today, it is for an amazing job that I  think will be a lot of fun for him. He has this charm on people, he can be friends with anyone and everyone likes him. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing.

We went to get some food last night and I noticed the person ringing him up was a little flirty with him, this didn't bother me so much until later. He wanted some extra fries, he goes up to the register and asks if he can place an order. The girl asked him what he wants and gives it to him for free. They where closing down but she went out of her way to get this for him. I thought, well that was nice of her. Though I did tease him and asked him if it was the girl making goo goo eyes at him. It was, but he did't notice that she was. When I got up to get a little more tea I noticed that they had taken it back. I asked the same girl if she had any at the drive through. Her response was less then polite. With a glare attached.

I wasn't feeling well when I got into the place, I didn't look my best. I hardly looked awake. I did't like being looked at like "Why is he with her?"  That is life tho, and I am still happy with mine. I was not mad at him at all. I don't mind that he gets looked at, I take it as a complement. She didn't have to be rude though.

sorry for the short post, I have to run.; Time for the interview!!! As for the little rant, well where better to put it then here.

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