Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tornado in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has been known for some questionable weather, as well as some goofy people with a bit of a "redneck talk" I give you that. So when I found out that a tornado was less then 15 minutes away from my house I wasn't all that surprised. We had three tornadoes touch down and a hell of a time.

I took a lot of pictures but this one is my favorite. My dad took us around driving because he knew that he could get out of there fast enough. While we where listing to the radio in the car one of the news announcers made me laugh. "Hey guys the tornado is headed my way, I am going to move the van...because ummmm...... I don't wanna die." I thought that was funny but before the news changed on it was playing Carrie Underwood's Blown Away  so that is just a awesome song to listen to while a tornado is coming to you, Some guys had a scene of humor putting that on.

Everything from there has been normal. I threw a birthday party and that was mostly great other then a few of my "friends" causing a lot of drama on my phone for nothing. NOTHING. I am not happy about that but I am doing to let that lie. I don't want to get upset wile talking to you guys.

This is all for today If you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave them and contact me.

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