Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cell phone repair, or brake.

I'm not as addicted to my phone as I was when I was 15 however it does make my life easier. So the story goes like so many others I shattered my screen. I didn't want to spend $90 on a new phone and Tiffany said that she could fix it for me!!

We got a "hold over phone" that didn't work, the replacement screen. I was without my phone for about a week so when she ripped apart my phone and put it all back together perfect I was ecstatic took a selfie on the spot!

I was working when I realized that the screen was not sticking down. I called a cell phone repair store to tell them the problem and they said that they would fix it for free! so I rushed down to get it done and over with. it's not like they where going to brake it more right....... take a guess what happened.

All we heard was "clank....clank....crash" the guy came out and told me "Well your screen doesn't stick up anymore..... but your touch doesn't work, and I  broke your screen." I was in shock, I was about to cry. the then proceeded to tell me that we bought a cheep part and it wasn't his fault. using the reasoning that the LED indicator didn't shine through anymore as his proof.

They didn't have the part in store so I had to wait until Monday to get it back. When I did not only did my LED still not shine through but he scratched the outer part of my phone all to hell, didn't place it right, and did an altogether messy job. It works fine but I keep wishing I could have just bought a new phone.

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