Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey everyone it is Turkey day, like all the other people out there I will say something that I am great-full for, My family. Yes I know that is what everyone says and it is really just a catch all so I will give you an other one. I am thank-full for this pregnancy almost being done because holy crap I can't take much more of this.

Speaking of my pregnancy, not that you asked (or really want to know), It is going great. (Other then the fact that it is still going. GET OUT OF ME CHILD) Everyone tells you about the emotions that come with being with child but it is really hard to wrap your head around it until you are faced with it. I have been out of work for three months, Brian has been taking really good care of me. I HATE. REPEAT, I. HATE. BEING. OUT. OF. WORK.  The daycare that I was working at closed it's doors. Long story that I probably won't tell. No one wants to hire someone that is 5 months pregnant and we where having a hard time due to all the injuries that made me almost lose Little One a few times,

Brian and I thought that it would be best If I went back to work after the baby. Back to the emotions, because I am out of work I am dependent on Brian and my Dad, anything that I want or need I have to tell them because I can't just take care of it myself. That is enough to make me go crazy. I have amazing friends and family that help me through whatever it is that I am going through.

Early this morning when Brian got home from work I was feeling very down. (Thanks to all the SAD buzzfeed videos that I watched. thanks buzzfeed.) I don't know, being out of work has been really hard to deal with. It makes me feel like I am always in peoples way and that I can't do anything for myself so I had a little of a melt down over it. Brian put me back together and I am fine now.

Before I was an expecting mommy It was always rather difficult to make me really cry. I cried out of empathy but it took a lot to make me cry for myself . I could also always cry on cue however it took some mental doing (Acting class!!!) Now I can cry on cue without really having to do anything. Think of something sad and done.

I cant wait to get back to normal. Anyway happy Turkey day and I hope you all have a great one!!!

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