Monday, November 14, 2016

Almost done baking!

Just a little over a month to go, then the little monster in my tummy will be the little monster in my arms. I (at this moment) have no desire to ever go through this again. Many people say that changes as soon as you see how they are growing up but I am just not sure that I could do this again.

I had a baby shower the other day, it was so amazing! Brian's family showed up with an amazing gift. I had friends and my dad there so it was an all around good time. Everyone got along great, we got to silly string the kids and it was an all around good time.

The part that I hated was that Brian had to be at work, he missed it and I missed him really bad. That is something that no one told me is that I have separation anxiety about being away from Brian.

This is the AMAZING AND WONDERFUL diaper cake that I got from the so amazing Tiffany!!!! (feel better tiff) it has so many beautiful trinkets on it.

This is this the swing that I got from my new found family, it is the most beautiful thing that I could have asked for in a swing. I got many many more things that I am super grateful for however I don't want to take pictures of them all! That would be a LONG post.

P.s. Totally off topic I painted this and I am super proud of it.

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