Saturday, June 25, 2016

How do you still have a job?

I you don't already know I am a teacher, now I would love for you to be thinking "So she went to collage and got her degree and did all the things that it means to become a teacher." Yeah, no, I don't have money for collage. I hardly have money for rent. What I did to become a teacher is work at a day care center, this means lesson plans, crazy kids, biting, kicking, hitting, all the things that normal teachers have to go through. Along with a TON of paperwork. I get to see the parents everyday too, and tell them first hand how their "Angel" is doing. This is a challenge at times (I'm rather blunt and need to gain more .... tact when it comes to this) but it is all good.

Now I just got my personal class room set up (YAY ME, I am so excited) I will be taking the 2 year olds which I have done before. (They listen better then the 3's and 4's so I am all good) This is just on time for the "new" teacher. This teacher has a reputation that proceeds her, not in a good way, She has worked for the company for 9 years however she has no degrees (Master Teacher is what we should have but don't need, it gets us more money and a higher rank among teachers) This teacher (let us call her ... Spooker <= I will explain)  has already started to make waves in my little school. There are a few different shifts you can have

6:30 - open, Panda queen
7:00 - Popper
8:00 or 8:30 Directer and Silly momma
9:00 ME
12:00 Tapper

Spooker has demanded Open and my boss's boss gave it to her. with means that she kicked Panda queen off of her shift and you have to puss her back. This doesn't really affect me but it was still really rude. Spooker has also stated that she is the number 2 in the daycare even though Silly momma out ranks her with her degree (unless you have the same one or a better one she is the second in command.) Not to mention that she WILL NOT DO DIAPERS. Which if you work with young kids comes will the job.

Director, my boss, and Silly momma have both worked with her and have warned me to stay away from her be nice but never tell her anything personal because she will use anything to stab you in the back. Spooker will be really mean to kids. If she finds out that a child is scared of something she will chase them with that thing. A child was scared of snakes and she chased him with a rubber one until he was balling and peed his pants. Pushing kids down, belittling them, eating a huge bag of candy and not sharing with them, being mean to kids is her everyday. Not to mention if you even step a toe out of line she will report you to Boss's boss or DHS (they are a pain)

This is just what I heard and I want to make my own conclusions but I will be wary of her. I was warned by two people that had no idea that the other warned me saying the same things. I am going to give it a few weeks (Give her time to show her true self) and we will see what she is really like. I will give you updates of all the crazy things that go down.

(p.s. I have thought about doing a thing, like every week I put up one post of "Secret thoughts of a teacher" where I tell you what runs through my mind working with kids and what they did to make me think it. tell me what you think!)

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