Sunday, June 19, 2016

Room-mate from HELL.

So I think everyone knows how this one goes, you are looking for a place to live and this Room-mate comes along and they seem to be really nice and funny and all together not what they turn out to be. This has been the living, money sucking hell that Brian and I have to deal with.

A little background for you. About a year ago Brian had to move out of his place because his ex-roomie fucked him over really really bad. 3 months rent bad. So began the looking for a new place. That is when his amazing sister told him about a woman that had been looking for a new room-mate. (No name on her because that could get sticky so we are going to call her Sour Patch, yes I did just look at gum but it fits.) Brian met up with Sour Patch and things where fine. Lease was signed and all was good. Sour Patch had some minor things that he didn't like but the over all was good.

As for her minor things, It was taking gabs at Brian and I because we do not belong to her religion. Always asking if I had gotten knocked up yet, blaming me for messes that she had made and making him clean them up when I supposedly made the mess a few weeks ago and it didn't show up till then. That was the last time that I cooked dinner for her. Sour Patch asked me to put money in since i was over there all the time or she would start charging Brian more. ( I kinda get that but she was really really rude about it) When Brian started spending a lot of time at my place she would complain about that. She even offered him drugs one time, Brian has trouble sleeping so she told him to take one of her pills and said that it would put him right to sleep but it would also kill his sex drive. (he chose to keep having sex.)

One time we had a friend over and because he had no way to get home that night we asked if she was cool with him staying, she said yes. He slept on the couch and all was good. Sour Patch woke up at 4a.m. as always and asked him if he wanted her bed. He was very unsure but she said that she wanted the living room so he took her up on it. In no way did we ask her to at all offer up her room to him. THAT WAS A PERSONAL CHOICE THAT SHE MADE TO HAVE THE LIVING ROOM SO EARLY IN THE MORNING. The reason I am telling you this story is because she tried to use it against Brian.

After a while Brian was staying with me full time but paying half of the rent there and half of the bills that he was not using. This was when Sour patch told us that he needed to have all of his things moved by the 11th because her sister was coming in to town and she was going to use his room as a guest room. This was all the while she still expected him to pay his share of the bills. HAHA NO!!!!! He stills pays the rent so it is still his!

This was text between Sour Patch and (Brian/ I)

Us - Hey it's Brian, my phone died. (we used mine) I'm really not comfortable with anyone staying in my room while I am paying rent. It's still my room even if I am not staying there.

Her - Seriously cause you had a stranger (our friend) stay on the couch and he ended up in my bed. This is my SISTER I feel like this kid of crap comes from Amber Trying to get you out of paying rent. You were asked before you signed the lease if you were sure you didn't want to live with Amber so it is NOT my fault. (It was already signed and we weren't ready for that)

Us - No but I do pay half the rent so half the house is still mine and I didn't ask you to do that you offered it to him because you wanted the living room. And that was one day. I understand that it is your sister but it is still my room and my space.

Her - I will talk to you in person Brian, without your sidekick if that is ever possible. it's still a few weeks away. My sister is in her 60's believe me there is NOTHING in your room that she would be interested in.

Us - I don't think it's really fair, nor kind to bring Amber into this at all. I also find it disrespectful. I don't think she'll steal anything or anything. I don't call anyone a thief without proof. It's really the fact that I pay half of everything, and it will basically be a guest room with my stuff in it. For that fact, they'll be staying there on my dime. I mean, the eleventh through the twenty-eighth is the majority of a month, and I would be paying not only the basic storage of my stuff, but hers as well. I'm not trying to be a dick, financially, it just doesn't feel right to me.

Her - I fucking told you we would only be here a couple days then going up north gone probably ten days. Can't wait to get a roommate who follows through on the help I was promised and never got. I'm done with this discussion tonight.

Us - This isn't worth every one getting aggravated about the situation. I was just expressing my feelings on the matter I wasn't trying to start a fight,so good night.

Note: We never gave her permission to stay in the room. The only thing that we had a problem with was that she wanted to turn Brian's room into a guest room and still have him pay for it. We have no problem with her sister staying there, just not in the room that he has to pay for.

A little bit of a time skip, He has still been paying his rent but because I am Pregnant I told him that he shouldn't pay utilities, he is not the one using them and it is not in the lease that he has to. We need the money to cover my place and the needs for the little one. She text him DEMANDING $265 in utilities and lawn service fees, she even threatened to come to his work (Ashleys furniture, Need something?) and make a big to-do about it. Even threatening to take him to court over the issue. Now this pressed the wrong buttons for Brian. He went to gather his things so that he could put them where they belong and HIS room has been taken by her. She moved into his room and turned her old room into the guest room. To me this says he has no place in that home and no longer has to pay a thing. She also moved his belongings and went as far as to give his bed away all without telling him! I am sorry but even if she never said the words "You are kicked out." Moving all your things to the closet and giving away your bed screams that you no longer have a place there and there for no longer have to pay a thing! He is still up to date on his rent to she had no right to inhabit his room or touch any of the belongings behind the CLOSED door. She didn't even have the right to enter into it.

Tell me your thoughts, what would you do?


  1. Omg I love reading your stories lol. Keep posting!!! I'm so into it! :)

  2. I want to hear what comes of this. Sue her.

  3. I want to hear what comes of this. Sue her.