Thursday, June 9, 2016

Crazy parents (Not mine thank goodness)

So what MOST parents want is their child's happiness, for them to get what they want out of this life through hard work and smiles. I can't think of anything that I want more in my life then to just SEE my little baby smile and he/she (don't know which yet) is still in my tummy until December.

I have always heard horrible stories of things that parents do or say but this story takes the cake. We are not talking physical abuse that is a different nightmare. For all you parents out there who think their parents are crazy this would be a NIGHTMARE COME TRUE.

Here is a little side note, I will not say any names in this story, so what I am going to do is give them nicknames. If any of them read this they will know but no one else will. I am sure I will get bitched out for this.

Black bunny = Crazy mother of White bunny
White bunny = Amazing
Cute bunny = Little one of White bunny

Why am I using bunnies? I just watched Zootopiea blame me not.

So a while ago White bunny wanted to move and she planned on moving with me, this was until her parents said "If you stay we will buy you a house." I know what you are thinking," Free house? No way she would turn that down!!!" Only the "Free house" was really we are going to rent a house for you and charge you more then we are even paying on it so that we can make $200 to $300 off of  you every month. By the time she realized what a mistake was made it was too late she was locked into a lease with her parents, contract and all.

Now Black bunny is very happy that Cute bunny didn't move across the states but she still wants her. THAT IS RIGHT Black bunny is trying to TAKE Cute bunny from her mother. Now I could see this if White bunny was an unfit mother or if she was doing things wrong but she is not!!! She has been amazing to her little one! Now my thought is WHY would you want to take your daughter's child from her if she is doing everything right!?!?!?!?

Now White bunny has a job and she pays her rent. Black bunny at one point showed up to White bunny's work DEMANDING rent. Then went back to White bunny's house and trashed the place. Along with STEALING.

Fast forward about a Month (maybe)

Black bunny has turned to threatening White bunny. Black bunny has tried to play the "mom" card, how did she even think that was going to work? "I'm your mom you have to do what I say give me Cute bunny"? as if. Then tried to pull the  "I need to take care of my Husband." card like talking Cute bunny would somehow help with that!!! Last but not least she pulled the "I have cancer." card. She does have a tumor but it has yet to be said by a doctor that she has cancer. Not to mention WHY WOULD THAT MEAN THAT WHITE BUNNY SHOULD JUST HAND OVER HER CHILD!!!!! So when all of this failed she said that she would call social services on her. White bunny is an amazing mother who does her best and more for her child. There is nothing that Cute bunny needs or even wants for. White bunny does everything that a loving mother should and more! That is the way she is, she goes above and beyond for that child.

Not to mention that if a social services person where to walk into Black bunny's house she herself would most likely lose her teenager. I have been in that house and it is horrendous. I don't even want to get into that. I am really easy to make puke these days.  Black bunny has even gotten her teenager to make Verbal attacks to White bunny. She has turned him against her when they where really close for a really long time. That was a low blow if i had ever seen one.

One of the huge questions that I had was how do you go about asking your child to GIVE you their child? Apparently it goes "I need her" which says it's more about Black bunny's needs then the needs of Cute bunny. How can anyone be that selfish.

When Black bunny went into White bunny's house she went into her room and took money from her. SHE EVEN SAID THAT SHE TOOK IT!!!!! like "I'm took it and there is nothing you can do about it."  not a quote but it may as well be.

I have been trying to convince White bunny to move here and run away to me for some time, lets hope that she comes over sometime and just never goes.

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