Wednesday, September 21, 2016

False labor sucks.

So I am always a bit nervous about what goes on with baby girl, I have had troubles that could have cost her her life. (wow what a heavy way to start this off.) I was sitting at home a few days ago, showing my friend some of the baby clothes that had been given to me, when I started to have contractions. They came every 7-10 minutes and they hurt like hell. The first few came and I thought "Okay drink water and move around." Then more came. I called the doc to ask what I should do and she said to come down to the hospital to be monitored.

So once I got to the hospital they stopped coming so painfully, I didn't even notice them. They did come enough for me to have to get checked out farther though. False labor, that is something that just makes you worry. I have been fine since and everything has been going well. (other then my blood count, nothing an iron supplement cant fix)

What I did like out of the experience was that I got to go to the ward where I would actually be having her. I got to see what the rooms are like and meet some of the nurses. That made me happy for the fact that I know what to expect now.

so there is your small update about my little life. <3 I was thinking about starting a sub-series about my Bunnies. I am not sure if I want to do it yet. I have so many stories for you guys but I don't want to post things that may make White bunny's life harder then it already is.

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