Thursday, March 3, 2016

Awesome, strong and durable

The title was named by Brian, He got the job that he had that third interview for! That however is not all that has happened in the last 24 to 48 hours.

Brian has been complaining about his wisdom tooth for about a week and a half, lucky for him, my dad is amazing. My dad has a lot of medical experience. He also likes essential oils. If you don't know what they are they are good for so many things. You can cook with them, get rid of headaches, stomachaches. Everything! Look it up, they are a fix all for me.

Clove oil, acts a a numbing agent, it also draws out infections. For Brian, it brought out the abscess under his tooth. (I am not saying that you should use this instead of real medical advice) Brian, being himself, tore out the abscess with nothing more then a tooth pick. (not joking...) The doctor said that it was reckless but it was also the best thing that he could have done for himself. It relieved a lot of his pain, which was a very good thing.

They had to brake the tooth a few times and rip it out in sections. Through blood, gore, half of his face being numb and fabric in his mouth, HE CAME OUT SMILING!

I was amazed, he has always been amazing but this brought it to a new level.

Here is your update, see you later!

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