Saturday, March 12, 2016

Doggie Drama

I am sorry that I have not updated in a while, a lot has gone on in the time between the posts. lets try to do this in order. Starting my sister.

My sister, THINKS she is funny. I am not really trying to be correct with grammar here, I don't care all that much. That and this is mostly just for me to put myself a little farther out of what I am used to. Ashley sent me a book called (I wish i was joking) The only grammar book you will ever need. When it got to my door it had three other packages accompany it. (reviews) I had no clue how it had come to me. At first I thought it was a wrong address, but it had my name on it. I went through the possibilities in my head.
1. My sister
2. I accidentally ordered it
3. The fried that has my account info thought that she was on hers
When I asked my sister if she had done it she said yes. (smugly)
Honestly I think she just likes being the subject of my blog.

Brian's new job
Brian and I stayed at my friend Tiffany's house for about a week. Tiff was amazing enough to take us back and forth. He wouldn't have been able to get to his first three days without her. (My car needs some work) Bri is really excited about all the amazing things that he is learning. He enjoys his managers, has made some friends. He even brags about little me! He has introduced me to everyone that he could. (He said that someone asked him how he got such a looker ((old guy)))
I am really happy that he is finally happy with there he works, not all the days where uneventful however. (We will get there)

Brian was complaining about server tooth pain for a little while, the wisdom tooth got removed. IT NEVER CLOTTED!! This means that it was ALWAYS a dry socket. He Kept with that for about four days, until Mrs.Tiff looked in his mouth and said "Hell no." She drove us about an hour out to the native hospital. They put in this packing that had popped out within the first hour, and had dissappered  by the next morning. We had to take him back to do it all over again, So far so good but we will see how this keeps up because it is still not healed.

I Love animals, I am more of a cat person but I do love dogs. One of the mornings that we where headed out to take Bri to his training Tiffany had heard Mo (a dog) fighting with BB (Husky mix. Beautiful) This wasn't an uncommon thing for her but when she yelled at Mo it didn't stop. Let it be known that the owners of said dogs DON'T live in the house that the dogs are in the back yard of. There is no water or electricity on at the house. They come by one a day to feed them (maybe) What they feed them is very unhealthy for them. Last but not least Tiffany was asked to "keep an eye on them" So when Tiff got over there Mo had BB pinned  and there was blood all over the both of them. Mo had him under for 6 min. Tiffany did the only thing that she could do, Let BB out of the yard before he wound up dead. That is how things would have ended. She called BB's "mom" (STUPID BITCH!!!!!!) Who didn't answer, so Tiff left a voice mail. It said Take care of your dogs, I can't see this happen. Do you want me to find a home for BB. Tiff was very emotional due to the fact that she had saved BB when he was just a pup and this was not the life that she had wanted for him. The bitch texted back to the long tear felt message begging for a change with "yeah find a home for BB thanks." Not an "Is he okay." nothing. Tiff did find someone that wants him but since he was so frighted over what had happened we couldn't catch him. (other things happened but I am just so mad)

I heard back from the interview that I had and as expected I didn't get it. Now I am looking in to being a Ophthalmologist Tech. Worth a shot!!

Anyway thank you!!

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